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Bouncy Castles

Soft Tots offers a range of Bouncy Castles to complement the Softplay.  Whether you want a safe baby and toddler-friendly castle, or a more adventurous one for the older children, we have it here for you.

All our castles are bright, shiny and clean!  And, like our softplay, we only supply the best equipment.  If you have any questions, such as dimensions of the castles, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please note that we can only accept ground floor venues, unless booking the Peppa Castle.  The other castles are just too heavy to take upstairs!

Our Peppa Pig Family Castle - Age range 1-5 years

Our Peppa Pig Castle above is specifically for the younger children - 1 to 5 years of age.  This is a professional, commercial castle however it is designed specifically for this age group - which is rare.  It is brightly coloured, with the whole Peppa Pig family on the front.  The little one's love this castle and you can relax knowing that they are on the safest castle for their age.

Our Brand New
DISCO CASTLE with built-in lights and music system!

Available as :
Paw Patrol / Super Hero /Princess /My Little Pony or Disco

This awesome new castle comes with lights and music system built in, so the children can enjoy a disco effect whilst bouncing on the castle.  It also has a side slide for extra fun.

You DJ the castle - stream music via bluetooth from your phone or ipad

The above photo doesn't do it justice, as you can't see the lights! However, if you check us out on Facebook there is a video on our page.

This castle requires a space of 20x20ft plus 12.5ft in height

Our Side-Facing Bounce and Slide -
Age range parents discretion up to 12 years

Our Side-facing Bounce and Slide Castle is open at the front and has a side-facing slide.  This is a great option if you have a number of older guests and you would like to keep them separated from the softplay area, leaving the little one's to play in peace and safety.

If you would like to use this castle for the younger guests too, please ensure that they are adequately supervised and that they are not sharing the castle with boisterous older children.

Something for the boys ......
Age range 1-9 (We also have matching Jake soft play and mascot too!)

Something for the girls ........

Age range 1-9 (Available as a My LIttle Pony Castle too!)     

The above two castles look smaller in the photos than they actually are, due to the high walls. 
These high walls are a fantastic safety feature, making it extremely difficult for a child to climb
To size the castles, I have parked my car next to the boys castle so that you can see how big they are!

Our new TELETUBBIES Castle!
We also have a matching arena for fun play equipment, and fantastic inflatable Teletubbies !!!

This magical bouncy castle is in the form of the Teletubbies grassy-dome home, and inside are teleteubbies and an inflatable noo noo!