Party pleasure for 0 - 5 yr olds
Safe, colourful, exciting FUN!
Teletubbies / Paw Patrol

Our new
Paw Patrol Soft Play Arena and
Disco Castle!


Our lovely new Paw Patrol Arena with all the gang, ready to have some serious fun! Included is the inflatable surround, cushioned mat, large ball pool, Paw Patrol characters in quality soft play (including Ryder), Paw Stepping Stones, Puppy Dog Play Tents, Bouncy Animals and our NEW DISCO CASTLE!!

PLUS Use of our new Chase Mascot Costume!!

Only £199 Special Intro Offer which includes Soft Play Arena, Disco Castle with music system and disco lights built-in, plus use of our Chase Mascot 



This new party package is out of this world!  Be is BIG!!  
To make the most of this wonderful new equipment, you will need a large venue - ideally a sports hall or similar.

Teletubbies Play Arena (Inside the grassy dome)

The Play Arena will take your breath away - its big, bright and so much fun! It's a replica of the Teletubbies control station inside their home within the grassy dome.   Children can actually play inside the Teletubbies home on high quality play equipment chosen by you.  There is lots of space within the arena for soft play, ball pool, slide, bouncies... you decide.  This arena is a real show-stopper. It was made for a television event by the creators of the Teletubbies themselves, so you are guaranteed the highest quality and truest representation of the Teletubbies home!

Lifesize Teletubbies!

Again, made for the Teletubbies creators, these inflatable Teletubbies are amazing! Standing between 5 and 6 feet tall, they will wow your guests and provide a great conversation piece! These can be placed near the entrance or in the middle of the party, whichever you prefer. Please note that these are for decoration purposes only, and not play items.  

Teletubbies Bouncy Castle

Like the above equipment, this is a unique castle which is in the form of the Teletubbies grassy-dome home.  The children can go inside the dome and meet the teletubbies, and sit on the inflatable noo-noo inside!

Please ring us to discuss this extremely different party.  Due to the size of the equipment, venue must be suitable and booked, prior to booking us.